If ever anyone deserves to be over the hills and far away, head in the clouds, dancing with the looney moon* or just plain and simple away with the fairies, it is me. My old profile described me as an Ex-drummer, ex-software author and ex flares wearer, and that is very true. Of course, playing drums or writing, writing and writing more is a bit like that bicycle that nobody seems to be able to ever forget how to ride, and so it is with my background too, excluding however, the flares. They wouldn’t fit me now anyway.

I blame Tolkien for it all, of course, and I have always wanted to write. In fact, I cannot imagine not writing. People close to me have over the years realised that anything they do, say, mention, mime or detonate** is always material that I am going to use in my writing at some point in the future, and so they are now naturally cautious around me. That’s my excuse anyway, and I am sticking to it.

Born, raised arrested and released without charge on the Wirral in Merseyside I continue to add to my catalogue of whimsical stories in all sorts of genres all the time. In short, Ex-drummer, ex-software author, ex flares wearer who writes in all genres and has been known from time to time to include a few smiles in everything*** that he writes, and also for twitter users, puts the #eek in #geek .

* I made that one up.

** This rarely happens these days, and if it does it predominantly happens on a Tuesday. I hate bloody Tuesdays. I also have a theory about just why Tuesday is the worst day of the week that I am more than happy to expound upon given even the slightest glimmer of interest.

*** Mostly everything.


* Please note that unlike most other authors I do not use, store or sell on your email address for any purpose at all. If you wish to email me please feel free to do so - I  will be more than glad to talk to you! If the link here  does not work, my email address is mike@mikewhiteauthor.co.uk