Welcome to my website - I hope you find something here of interest to you. The links above take you to a few more details about myself as well as a few contact details should you want to contact me. The link to all of my books is on the Books link, and that will allow you to select which title you are interested in. The final link takes you to my blog, which is where I generally post news and other articles that may inform you of new titles. There is also a news link below.

           As you may have noticed, this is my new website! This space is reserved  for any new additions to          the site which I will update on a regular basis. The blog link above is where I usually add new title           releases, offers and more first, though. The Twitter feed on the right is also useful, though I cannot always promise to remain on topic! If you are looking for a particular title then the links are above on the drop down menu. Selecting a particular one takes you to that individual page. One feature that I was keen to include was the “Behind the scenes” box, which essentially gives you a little more information about the book itself, perhaps my reason for writing it and so on.   Just to let you know,

the next book to be released is the first part of a three part space opera, the title

of which is a little on the long side, being, “Genesis Space Book One:Ascent to

Heaven: The Church of  Man”. Phew! Quite a mouthful!  Watch out for this news

 page, the blog and my Twitter account for more details as they become available.

Estimated time for release is probably mid November 2016, the next two parts

being released in the Spring & Summer of 2017, and as a complete volume then too.