The Sound of Guitars...”

Liverpool. A city of poets, musicians, comedians and several banana shaped lamb statues. Oh, and a yellow submarine – and a cathedral (or two), and now a collection of fifteen short stories, tall tales and mysterious occurrences celebrating the city as well. Wrapped around Liverpool in the same way that the river Mersey wraps around the city itself, intertwining with its people and places, “Liverpool” showcases the love of life, laughter and music that the city embodies, and makes its own. Come with me now to see the mist rolling off that wonderful, beautiful river, and if you were to let your mind wander and imagine that the river is a song then that song would be a shanty, sad and melancholic, yet lifting as well. It would make you laugh, it would make you cry. It may even make you think, but for sure it would most definitely break your heart.

Welcome to Liverpool, the gateway to absolutely everywhere else.



15th March 1975 – A Mantra

The Ghost Next Door *

Bob the balloon, Al Capone and the

 two Bob Bouncer *

“Nec Aspera Terrent” *

The Strange Case of the Toff’s Policeman

And the Curious Elm *

Interlude One: On a bench by the Mersey

The Lipstick Girls *

The History Detectives *

The Last Bomb, Aloise's Café

and Death by Cow

The Order of Pan *

Interlude Two: On a bench by the Mersey

A large sweet tea, please

A Good Day at the Office *

A Place in the clouds (“Drawing in the strings”) *

Interlude Three: On a bench by the Mersey

*  Available to purchase separately

“Liverpool” is available in both paperback and Kindle formats


When I had finished “Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories” I was very much of the opinion that I was not yet ready to start a full length book, preferring to stick to short stories. Commercially it doesn’t make a great deal of                 sense I know now, but at the time I was looking for a subject to link                      lots of stories together. I had a few already, for example “The Lipstick Girls”  and a few others. I had lots of ideas though, and it was only when I looked at them written down did I realise that they were all set in or near to   Liverpool. Once I had that then the next step was relatively easy  - “Bob the Balloon” for example is a television play just waiting to happen - and it all began to fall into place. There are as usual the somewhat outlandish tales,

none of which I will spoil here! Liverpool is an interesting place to me - it is where I am from after all, and I have seen many changes - I was working on the Albert Dock when the city of culture started changing the skyline of the city, when the arena was built, all of the flats and luxury apartments built for…. Well, for who exactly? As far as I can see Liverpool is now no more than an architect’s playground, and those responsible should hang their heads in shame! Still - I shall get off my soapbox yet again! “Liverpool” was published in 2012 and I quite often think of going back and

changing it around a little. Quite often I have an idea for a short story, and I will think to myself, well that would be right at home in “Liverpool”. I now have managed to mount a defence to this by arguing with myself and saying, “Okay - put it in - but which one are you going to take out?” It seems to work! So here we have stories of a tree in Sefton Park that sings apparently - but why would it do that  - what would it want? Also the construction of a tree house at an old people’s home (why not?) And a few other oddities. The one story that gave me the hardest ties was “The Lipstick Girls” - originally I had written poor Sheila Teresa Roberts  as a character that when you read the story you would never be able to have any sympathy for her. Not that she would want it of course - but luckily I made the decision to make her just a  little bit more likeable and completely re-wrote their story. Happily it seems to work much, much better. The odd man on the bench in the intervals? Hehe - I’m not telling!