When Neep Neep signs himself up for a piratical endeavours correspondence course with the aim in mind of becoming a pirate consultant he is not aware that the Golden Octopus, the nautical governing piratical body see him as nothing more than a nuisance which very much is in need of being disposed of. Thus Neep inadvertently sets in motion a chain of events that will involve him, The Scarlet Daisy (who has some very odd ideas of what comprises standard pirate dress), Mr Bones (very thin), Ensephilephtor Boom (founder member of the

I think it is interesting to people who don’t write as to where you get your ideas from. For those of us who do write, I imagine that the answer is at best, variable. I think if you asked two different writers you are likely to get two totally different answers. In the same way that some writers are meticulous planners and keep careful notes on everything, and some just seem to make it up as they go along, ideas are, I would have thought, a very individual thing. As to myself, I find ideas never really stop. It can be a picture I see that inspires me, a snippet of conversation or a word. One thing I do find holds particularly true is that the best writing ideas are usually a collision of two things. For example, I may have been looking at a picture of a sad old man standing looking out of his window as one idea, and maybe a few days later I see an Autumn leaf falling down from a tree, twisting and

                Spinning as it falls. Both are good valid ideas, but put the two together and it makes something much more interesting. Then you ask the questions. Why is he sad? Why is he looking out of the window? What does he do next? After that the writing process begins as it forms one question after another, all eventually leading to an idea to write down. That’s pretty much how it works for me. If I have a good idea I often wait for another one to combine it with, or more accurately, for it to suggest itself to me. There can be exceptions of course, but that is how I do it.  “Overboard” however was completely different. I woke one morning, not having dreamt of anything in particular and the whole book was in my head fully formed. The title, the characters, the plot, even the damned cover was there! I had poor old Neep’s lithographic memory, the “Sons of the Pinched Fuse”, Ensephilephtor Boom, Bradley Mackeral. They were all there. Even “The Beak|” and “The Black Douche”. (The black what???) It has never happened before and never happened since. I can only wonder what it was I had for tea the night before. Which is odd really as it too quite a while to write, and I wonder if that is the reason why. Another factor may be I was writing “Anyone” at the same time and they were both my first full length books. “Overboard” is also the largest book I have written to date, running in at (for those of you interested in the anoraky stuff) just over 126,000 words. It took a while, but thankfully I have sped up a bit now - at the time I was still feeling my feet so to speak.

  During the course of this book and to some degree also, “Anyone” I thought there were potential spin-offs for some characters to form books of their own. The Black Douche for example, as in perhaps “The Return of the Black Douche” or the like. In “Anyone” where Powys Evans, the trainee Leek farmer who has had an unfortunate leek picking accident and finds himself doing a work experience course as a trainee angel I thought there was potential to expand his universe just a little. “Good Evans” was the idea there, but as of yet both are still waiting patiently in the back wings for that elusive second idea to come ambling along. In the meantime “Overboard” was launched on “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” which is (as I am sure you are all aware) held annually on September 19th. It was originally done for a bit of a lark with no other purpose, an idea that I am personally greatly taken with, but it now raises a great deal of money for charity too, which I find absolutely amazing. Pity it is only once a year, really!

  In conclusion, “Overboard” is a curious mix between a parody and a good old fashioned pirate adventure with a large dose of humour and whimsy added to the mix at no added cost. Amazon links are below, and the book is also available in paperback if you like your reading to be done the good old fashioned kind of way. If you are not sure, there is also a download link to allow you to read the first three chapters with no obligation at all - it downloads in PDF format, which is viewable on almost everything really. There are no advertisements in it, no samples, and above all no requests for your email address. If you enjoy it then buy it, if not - then nothing ventured, nothing gained!

"Sons of the Pinched Fuse", and "Mad Dog" Jenkins (Mad. Very, very mad),in search of the fabled treasure of Capability Jones and the lost island of El Bongo which most pirates agree doesn't exist. Only Daisy and Bones seem to think otherwise..."Overboard!" is a                        whimsical, humorous adventure set on the high seas, where to err is human, but to "aar!" is pirate...