"If you’re a fan of short stories you’ll enjoy reading this tall tale"

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   Old Todd was a right old card. I’ve never met a bloke before or since who was more up for a laugh, I can tell you! Now that he’s gone and passed over I can tell you a secret he told me years ago, and as far as I know, I think probably it’s only him and me that knows all about it. Course, he ain’t telling now so it’s up to me. This is what he did. Best place to start would be with the music. Todd was a bugger for it. Rock and roll, pop. Strictly sixties stuff. None of this bloody head banging boom boom boom that seems to be all you can get these days. No idea what’s going on in kid’s heads listening to that kind of crap! Gives me a right old headache, it does. No, for Todd It had to be sixties music. Golden age, he called it, and he had no shift at all with anything that came after that. Used to get misty eyed about it, he did. Yeah, music was his thing, and he had a particular soft spot for the Beatles. He knew all the tunes, had all the albums. This was back in the days when they were proper albums you had to put on a turntable to play, and if he’d had a few he would sing along to all of their songs, word perfect. Not note perfect though! But that was Todd for you. He was always dead keen on songs even if he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

   Went to all the concerts too, he did. Not for the Beatles like, they hadn’t been in front of an audience for at least a year, and even that was in America. Nice work if you can get as far as I can see, but he said he remembered the early days and he had seen them once or twice back then. I think the way he looked at it was once they got popular you couldn’t even hear then playing because of the God awful row of all the girls screaming at them. Pretty much ruined it for Todd did that. Course it looks like it ruined it for them as well! So Todd was a big fan. He didn’t have the bloody Beatles wigs and what have you, but he had all of their albums, all their singles. It looked like he couldn’t have been a bigger fan. Well, on the music side, anyway. Never met them though. Never even been in the same room with one except for a few of the early concerts.   

All that changed though, on the day that he found Paul McCartney’s coat.




Paul McCartney’s Coat *

3ef476053 *

Dear Diary

An Inspector Calls *

How I Invented International Talk Like A

Pirate Day by William (Aged 8¼)

Squire Bidecombe’s Tree*

Dad Comes to Call *

The Cat is back! *

King of the Tyrant Lizards *

For Absent Friends *



“Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories” is available in both paperback and Kindle formats


Way back in 2011 I started looking at some of the old bits of writing I had about the place and wondering what I would do with them. The advent of the Kindle caught my eye as did the idea of self publishing. Yet the stuff I had on paper was old, bitty and to be honest not terribly good. So I remember driving along in my lunch hour from work thinking about this when I got an idea in my head for a story about a farm. I thought about that for a while, mulled it over and then I had another idea - what if Paul McCartney left something behind somewhere and someone helped him find it? The rather sad idea I had at this point was “Paul McCartney’s Trousers”, which thankfully I had the sense to change! Once that was done and generally well received the floodgates opened - I literally could not stop the ideas forming in my head. I especially like “Dad comes to call” (even though I can’t manage to keep the Welsh accent going long enough to get through all of it), and “An Inspector Calls” is still my most popular short story by a country mile, though I do have to add that not everybody manages to “get it”! It wasn’t a bad start, and at it is now five years old I did consider momentarily producing a special five year edition, but it wouldn’t be the same book then, would it? I decided to leave it alone, and am glad that I decided to do so. It’s important to me in that it opened the floodgates and even now they are still wide open!