The bookworm *

Frozen in amber *

The bird in the hat *

The dust of your dreams *

Storm blowing In *

Pip Norris and the Amazing Flying Saucer *

Three Small Wishes *

Three Silver dollars

The only song I didn’t write *

Scariest. Snowman. Ever. *

Silent knight *

Mister Mortimer's magical toy shop *

Victoriana *

We want all of your jam

The Trial *

Tee hee said she and clepe the window to

To the lighthouse *

The story telling competition *

Where the bloody hell are you? *

* Available to purchase


“Scrapbook” is Available in both

paperback and Kindle formats


"Scrapbook" is the latest collection of short stories from Michael White, encompassing all genres. Here you will find science fiction, mystery,steampunk, horror and many more. Each story is also available to purchase separately.

“Scrapbook” as the title suggests, is a collection of things (in this case short stories)  which there are no themes. I do from time to time write single short stories that fit no  particular collection, and that was how this story collection started. As I explain elsewhere I wait for ideas to come to me - I have no ability to for example say, “Create a horror story” or “Write some crime fiction”. The only time I have ever deviated from this method ended very badly - essentially 60,000 words of junk, a situation I have no desire to repeat!

With this collection though I tried to direct any ideas that I got towards certain genres in which I know I could work. There are several that I know I could never write. Romance, detective or crime fiction being but two, but horror? I have nothing against the genre so why not? The result was quite satisfying, even if it did take a little bit more research than I thought it would - still, Viking zombies are definitely worth it, no matter which way you look at  it! Certainly it was a hugely satisfying experience - partly because I was writing in very different genres, which normally I would not imagine you would get in one book, hence the title. Hence “The bookworm” was written after I had read a story about someone leaving notes in books people bought in a bookshop, “Frozen in Amber” was a reflection of my dislike for the intrusion of social media. There are of course my usual side glances to whimsy with several of the titles, as well as a nod to the horror genres and  science fiction too, with “A Storm Blowing In” and “To the Lighthouse” respectively. I also experimented with a few very short stories too. Though they were not quite flash fiction, they are under 2000 words each and so I sell them bundled together if you want them separately under the header, “Scraplets”.   The most interesting title in the book however is, “Victoriana”, a steampunk adventure featuring one Victoria Neaves, and her demonic companion known only as, “Romney”. This was originally designed to be a one off, but my sister informed me it woud make a good series, and so it was. See the details for “Victoriana” on the drop down books menu at the top of the page.