Over the hills and far away, a man suddenly finds after being struck by lightning that he is no longer walking in the Cumbrian Fells but is somewhere else entirely. Where that is, however, he does not know. The hills and mountains, lush green forests and the sea pounding at the shore are all unfamiliar and seem to beckon to him, drawing him from the paths and into the land itself. Yet he has little time to familiarise himself with these tantalising new sights and sounds that call to him before an unfortunate accident ends with him destroying a lighthouse and soon after a trading vessel that belongs to a mysterious ruler known only as, “The Keel”.

Soon he is abducted by the shipwrecked crew and they decide to take him to their master to stand trial for the wanton destruction of his property. There is, however, one problem. The journey overland through the countryside that is a mystery to him will take weeks to cover, and the journey grows hazardous as they walk further across the fertile green plains and mountains of a place he now knows to be called, “Felastia”.

It all started with the mysterious woman: the red-headed girl who would arrive at his place of work unannounced and ask to be fed. Yet she is more than she looks, for he cannot seem to either shake her from his thoughts, but neither can he find her. She seems to have vanished into thin air. Or has she?

But there are others in this land that are waiting for him: mysterious spheres of light that seem to follow his every move, spying on him. There are servants of darkness that seem to be showing an unhealthy interest in him too, for forces are abroad that are seeking him out for purposes known only to themselves, and soon he will find himself embroiled in a war, his part in which is to prove to be the adventure – and journey – of a lifetime.